All drivers should necessarily know how to change a tire. Here are a few things to store in your car for situations like these. 

? Jack
? Wrench
? Fully inflated spare tire
? Vehicle owner’s manual
? Flashlight
? A 2"x6” wood piece
? Wheel wedges
? Gloves
? Raincoat or rain poncho
1. Find a safe location
You do not have to stop your car immediately as soon as you realize you have a flat tire. Slow down and look for a nearby safe location. Do not park in a dimly-lit zone or near a curve. Make sure it is a long stretch of straight road or a parking lot.
2. Apply parking brakes and turn on hazard lights
To make sure your vehicle does not start rolling abruptly, always apply your parking brakes. Once done, turn on your hazard lights to avoid any accidents.
3. Apply wheel wedges and remove the wheel cover
If you are changing the front tire, place wheel wedges behind the rear tires and vice versa. Use a rock or brick if you don’t have one. Next, use the flat end of your wrench to remove the wheel cover. 
4. Loosen the lug nuts
Use the same wrench to loosen the lug nuts on the tire. Make use of your body weight to turn the lug nuts counterclockwise, but do not remove them completely.
5. Lift the vehicle using a jack
Place the jack beneath the vehicle frame and use it to lift the car until the flat tire is about six inches above ground. Use a 2"x6” wood piece under the jack so that it doesn’t lose balance. 
6. Remove the flat tire
Loosen the lug nuts further and remove them completely. Next, take out the flat tire by pulling it gently towards you. 
7.Install the spare tire
Line up the rim of the tire with the lug nuts and mount the spare tire. Put back the lug nuts and secure them properly using your hand and the wrench. Using the jack, lower the vehicle to the ground. Put the wheel cover back on, if it fits. 
Congratulations, you have successfully changed a flat tire! For more information, feel free to contact Huntington Subaru in NY.
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