1280 × 430Even though the Subaru is a great vehicle for the cold winter weather, it is also necessary to brace your Subaru for the same. One cannot control nature, but one can surely prepare for it. Many cold climate regions dip below freezing point. Moderate to heavy snowfall is a common occurrence. 
To prepare your Subaru for such weather conditions, here are a few easy-to-follow tips.
Inspect the lights
It is vital to ensure all of your Subaru’s lights - headlights, taillights, and fog lights - are in proper working condition. Winters bring with them heavy snowfall and fog. 
You need to make sure that your vehicle is seen in such dense fog. This also makes sure that you have maximum visibility while driving in heavy snowfall and fog.
Check for antifreeze
Harsh winters can cause the fuel in your car’s tank to freeze. Make sure to continually check that the antifreeze levels in your Subaru and maintained. This ensures that your car’s fuel does not freeze in the middle of nowhere and that your engine runs perfectly.
Get winter rated tires
Roads can get extremely slippery in winters. With heavy snowfall and rain, it is a wise investment to get winter-rated tires. This ensures that your tires are safe in the harsh winter weather with better traction.
Check all oil and fluid levels
Make sure to take your car to the mechanic and get all oil and fluid levels checked. All of them should be of the right viscosity and should be at appropriate levels. Fresh oil and fluids will make sure that your car’s engine and other machinery are well lubricated.
Test the battery 
Get the mechanic to test the battery and make sure it works well. In case your battery is three or four years old, it might be a good decision to replace it. 
Check the windshield and wiper blades
To make sure your visibility is not compromised in the winters, make sure your windshield and wiper blades are in perfect condition. To ensure that the wiper blades can clear heavy snowfall, consider buying winter rated wiper blades.