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The most elemental measures of your Subaru’s maintenance is a regular oil change. It not only makes sure that your engine is well-lubricated and properly running, but it also increases the life of the vehicle. The Subaru is a heavy-duty performance beast. With continued operation, however, even the best grade oil in the Subaru breaks down. This reduces lubrication in the engine and other machinery and thereby causes disruption in the efficient operation of the car. To make sure all systems run well, it is absolutely necessary to constantly check the quality and level of oil in your Subaru and get it changed if needed. Here are a few signs you can use to identify if your Subaru needs an oil change.
Check engine or oil change icon lights up 
By far, the easiest way to ascertain if your Subaru needs an oil change is to simply look out for the Check Engine or Oil Change Light in your car. This light can be found on the dashboard of your Subaru and lights up to let you know the alarmingly low oil level. If it's illuminated, you need to get an oil change immediately.
Excessive engine noise
The next obvious sign that you need an oil change is excessive engine disturbances. This noise can manifest itself in the form of ticking, rattling, rumbling, or roaring sounds. With time, when oil gets dirty and old, it breaks down thus changing its composition. This new product is not a suitable lubricant for the engine's components, thereby resulting in such noises. In case you hear them, get an oil change immediately.
Dark exhaust smoke
While translucent vapors from the exhaust are normal, in case you notice dark and dense fumes emerging from the car’s exhaust, you might want to get your engine and oil checked. 
Excessive mileage
Whenever you're unable to remember the last time you got your oil changed, it's usually a good time to get it done. Moreover, if you recently went for a long road trip and have several miles on record, it is wise to get a routine oil check.
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