Are you considering buying a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle? Residents of Huntington NY have many options. It might cost slightly more to invest in such a vehicle than the same used car when outside a CPO program. But there are also few benefits of doing so:
    1. Reliable in terms of quality
It is to be noted that only vehicles that are in the best condition fall under a certified pre-owned program. Low-mileage, late-model vehicles that have a clean history are classified under the program, which is sponsored by automobile companies. In case it fails to meet the criteria, it is not considered to be CPO.
    2. Extended warranty
Most certified pre-owned programs extend both the basic and powertrain warranty on the vehicle. Doing so increases the competitiveness of the company by providing short-term period and mileage restrictions on the original. Manufacturers providing generous warranty coverage on new cars may not increase their limits for their CPO vehicles. Instead, the new owner gets the remainder of the warranty.
    3. Roadside Assistance
Most certified pre-owned programs offer complimentary 24-hour roadside assistance. This usually lasts for the duration for which the basic warranty coverage of the car is extended. This service assists car owners who may be stuck in an emergency, such as running out of gas, locking themselves out of their vehicle, or when they may be needing a kick-start.
    4. Low interest on financing
Certified pre-owned vehicles are generally more expensive than similar models that are not certified, but they also qualify for lower rates for financing. This is usually equal to the amount of loan provided on new vehicles. Some car buyers who are financing their certified pre-owned vehicle, the modest rate of interest brings down their monthly payment, thereby helping them to improve the result of the higher asking price on their household budget.
    5. Free Maintenance
As a part of certain certified pre-owned programs, owners get free maintenance for a specific period and/or mileage. Usually, this pays for tire rotations and oil changes as per the automaker’s recommended intervals. They also qualify to get free vehicle inspections as conducted by the car’s dealership.
If you wish to know more about certified pre-owned vehicles, especially any Subaru model, then you should visit a Huntington Subaru dealer. Even a New York Subaru dealer can provide you with the necessary information.
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