We all know what is involved in the process of buying a new Subaru in Huntington, NY. But what about going for a Subaru lease? Let’s assume you pay $50,000 for a car, which you use for five years. Then, you go back to the Huntington Subaru dealer and decide to trade it in. The Subaru dealer gives you $20,000 for it. So, if you see, it costs you $30,000 to own the car for five years. Don’t you think it would be easier paying only $30,000 initially? That’s what a Subaru lease is. Under a lease, you shell out for only the time for which you use the car.
Are you confused about whether you should buy or lease a new Subaru in Huntington NY?

Well, let’s first take you through the reasons as to why you SHOULDN’T go for a Subaru lease:
  1. Don’t lease if you intend to turn your car into a street racer. That’s because the leasing company only wishes for the car to be in a no-frills state. 
  2. If you usually fancy buying your cars and keeping them forever, then don't lease.  Look for an economically beneficial way to invest in a car. Know that while this is a suitable financial decision, it may not be a good safety decision since you're going to be spending a lot of time in a car that's obsolete in terms of safety technology. You can take a look at the Subaru Safety page. Until a couple of years ago, the Japanese auto-giant offered only a few of the features that we see today. If you want your car to have modern features, you might also want to keep them in mind while deciding whether to opt for a Subaru lease.
Here are the benefits of a Subaru lease:  
  • A lower monthly payment
  • You're always driving a safe and reliable car for the lease period
  • You still have warranty and incurred only a few repair bills,
  • You can invest you cash somewhere else instead of putting it in a depreciating asset
  • You owe nothing at the end of the lease to even buy the car at a pre-set wholesale price
  • It will be cheaper to get excess miles on a lease compared to the depreciation value of your fully- or partially-financed car 
  • Free Gap insurance from Subaru.  You don’t owe the bank anything more than the insurance proceed if your leased car gets stolen or damaged.
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