The standard model of Subaru Crosstrek got an update for the 2018 lineup, and it is awesomely roomy. It runs like a bigger car, has an all-weather capability, possesses enough off-road ability so that get to places you wish to go to. The best part: it is unbelievably cheaper compared to its rivals.
The Subaru Crosstrek comes in hybrid and gas versions. Wondering which one to buy? Here’s a quick hybrid vs. gas comparison:
  • Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid gets combined 35 mpg compared to 29 mpg for the gas version. The Crosstrek Hybrid speeds up to 65 mph when running on full electric mode. It is an entire second faster from 0 to 60 mph compared to the regular gas Crosstrek. 
  • Compared to the regular gas Crosstrek, Hybrid’s configuration lowers its towing capacity by nearly 500 pounds, hitting 1,000 pounds. The batteries also consume a chunk of the cargo space, reducing the rear expanse from 55.3 cubic feet to 43.1 cubic feet.
  • Hybrid models are set to be available only in the ten states that adhere to the California zero-emissions standards. These states include New York, Connecticut, Oregon, New Jersey, Massachusetts (the world headquarters of Planet Subaru), and other northeastern states.
  • The powertrain of the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid picks up in the 0-60 mph sprint in a second. The powertrain yields quicker acceleration and provides a total range of 480 miles.
  • Compared to the regular gas Crosstrek, Hybrid gets distinct interior and exterior design and comes only in fancy trims with a leather standard. 
  • Hybrid is much quieter than the regular gas engine by 5 decibels owing to its additional sound insulation.
  • Ground clearance measures 8.7 inches, and the off-road capability of both the versions are comparable.
  • The lithium-ion battery of the Hybrid has a high capacity and is mounted beneath the cargo space. It enables the car to reach an EV range of 17 miles. That’s enough for you to cover a range of trips.
With a price set at 34,995 dollars plus 975 dollars for delivery, the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid qualifies you for a tax credit of up to 4,500 dollars post-purchase. If you have got a fair idea of both the Subaru creations from the above hybrid vs. gas comparison, then please visit a New York Subaru dealer. You can even visit our Subaru Huntington NY dealership.
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