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Over the years the name Subaru has become synonymous with SUV. When you think of impressive SUVs you cannot help but think of Subaru. Therefore, making a choice between two Subaru SUVs can become impossible especially when the two options are Subaru’s 2019 Crosstrek and 2019 Forester- both accomplished SUVs in their own rights. This post will help to make your choice a little easier by highlighting some of their differences.
Both the 2019 Crosstrek and the 2019 Forester are crossover SUVs. However, Subaru Forester packs more space inside- specifically 111.9 cubic feet of space for its passengers. Behind the back seats it holds 35.4 cubic feet of space which can be extended to 76.1 cubic feet if you lay down the back seats. In comparison the Crosstrek provides 100.9 cubic feet of room to its passengers and 20.8 cubic feet to the cargo. Less than Forester but still very spacious to easily handle all your storage needs.
Croostrek gets a storage related upper hand when it comes to roof rails. These are standard for every Crosstrek trim. Forester trims have roof rails as well expect for the most basic trim which allows for roof rails only as an upgrade.
When it comes to engine performance both 2019 Crosstrek and 2019 Forester are neck- to- neck. Both offer an all- wheel drive and come equipped with proprietary Subaru engine technology called Subaru Boxer®. This makes the engine in both the SUVs highly powerful without compromising on its fuel economy.
Nevertheless, there exists some difference when it comes to engine dimensions and fuel efficiency. Subaru Crosstrek is powered by a 2-liter engine with 4 cylinders that provides 152 hp. On the other side, Subaru Forester comes powered with a 2.5- liter engine again with 4 cylinders giving out 182 hp. As far as fuel efficiency is concerned the Crosstrek offers 27 mpg citywide and 33 mpg on the highways. Meanwhile with very little dissimilarity the Forester offers 26 mpg on city roads and 33 mpg on highways.
Both 2019 Subaru Crosstrek and Forester ace in the range and quality of safety features they give to its customers. Slight difference is that driver assisting features come as an upgrade in Crosstrek SUVs but are standard in all Forester SUVs. If you live close to Woodbury, Elwood or Melvill you can easily head out to Huntington Subaru of Huntington, NY for amazing quotes and test drives.
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